Although it may seem that the Pearl of the Orient’s property prices may have come to a crawl,

Ken Lim, the founder of says there are still plenty of opportunities abound. He shows the Property Convention 2017 - Penang Edition’s audience factors that influenced these changes and where the opportunities lie.

Hailed as one of the most expensive states to purchase a real estate in Malaysia, Penang market may be slowing down but has not lost its appeal. Since Q1 2014, the number of transactions in the mainland has exceeded Penang Island despite the downtrend, which indicates that there was a shift in the lay of the land of the market in terms of pricing, population density and demand. Fast forward to this year, Q1 2017 recorded the lowest number of property transactions in Penang’s history in the last two decades. Which begs the question: What is the future of Penang properties?